Microwave transmission lines and their components
(Frequency: 10… 200 GHz, power: 1… 1000 kW, line length: 3… 30 m, number of line components: 5-10)

The GYCOM manufactures quasi-optical mirror lines and oversized waveguides equipped with mode converters, universal polarizers, bi-directional couplers, wave dividers/combiners-commutators, multiplexers, duplexers, filters, resonant rings, RF pulse compressors etc.

Transmission line of the “Aditja” tokamak (India)
Frequency - 28 GHz, Power - 200 kW (CW)
Input mode – TE02, Working mode – НЕ11
Line length – 10 m, Loss level – 1.1 dB

Transmitted/reflector power meter
with a polarizer
Corrugated waveguides
Mode converters