A prototype gyrotron complex for ITER has been studied successfully in Nizhny Novgorod

published on the ROSATOM web site 15.05.2015 17:41 | Press Service of the ITER Project Center of ROSATOM

On May 11-15, 2015,  a factory test of a prototype gyrotron complex (unique facility for current generation and plasma heating) developed by IAP RAS, GYCOM Ltd., Kurchatov Institute, and RTSoft JSC was performed at the site of GYCOM Ltd. in Nizhny Novgorod in the presence of representative of the ITER International Organization. The positive results of the test opens the way to batch production of gyrotrons for the ITER Fusion Reactor Project.
The performed test is an important step in the final acceptance stage of the Project. Based on its results, the Russian party is officially entitled to start batch production of the corresponding ITER component. The prototype of the Russian gyrotron complex has passed this test and demonstrated complete compliance with the requirements of the International Organization, readiness for batch production,  and integration with the ITER complex.
Main technical solutions used in the system development were confirmed in the test process.
The program of factory tests approved by the ITER IO included verification of the following key parameters of the gyrotron: characteristics of the output beam, power > 95 MW, generation efficiency over 50%, modulation regimes (1–5 kHz), and reliability > 95%. The system for parameter control and recording, as well as slow- and fast-operating (10 ms) protection systems were also tested.
The gyrotron is a unique microwave generator developed in the XX century by the Soviet physicists at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 24 gyrotron complexes are scheduled for delivery for the ITER reactor. Eight of them will be Russian gyrotrons having record-breaking parameters, namely, a frequency of 170 GHz, a power of 1 MW, and a pulse length of up to 1000 s. Along with the gyrotron, the prototype of the gyrotron complex includes auxiliary equipment (26 units) supporting operation of the gyrotron. According to the performance schedule, Russian gyrotron complexes should be the first setups delivered to ITER.